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Point to Point Productions launches successful websites for companies throughout the world. Founded in 1997 by James Barber, PPP is a premier web design and web developing company located in Vancouver, Washington USA.

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James W Barber, now a 30-year advertising and marketing veteran, began his web career selling and creating websites in 1995. Back then, most people had no clue what a website was, or even what they were for. Most people thought he worked for AOL. That was definitely different times. Even then, James saw the web’s potential, and since, he’s helped countless companies and individuals promote themselves and earn profit over the Interwebs.

Vancouver Washington Website Design Blog

PPP Launches new website for ExstreamLandscaping.com

Exstream Landscaping, LLC is Portland, Gresham, Clackamas & Lake Oswego, Oregon's full-service Landscaping solution since 1997!  From design to installation, Exstream Landscaping, LLC DOES IT ALL, delivering the custom landscape YOU WANT, on-time and on-budget. Read More

Website Captcha -- The Humanoid Must Not Escape or Are you an evil robot?

This is a Captcha. Does it Captcha your imagination?
This NOT a real captcha. Please don't click it. Thank you.

Captcha. Not the best defense. Before I launch into my diatribe about website captcha, I need to fill you in on some of the picky details about what they are and why it they are used...then discuss what you can do INSTEAD of captcha. Read More

The mystery of the PURPLE Square & other Web Design Trends - As told by a Vancouver, WA Web Developer/Designer

This friends is a PURPLE square. Don't fall for this Web Design
Purple Square

Wow. Look at the PURPLE square! Isn't it exciting? So sleek, so informative, so unique. What an attention grabber. I'm gonna sell more because I have a purple square and no one else does! Look at me! Read More

Wordpress is a Blogging Tool ONLY

WordPress Logo for people who do not know this

Don't get me wrong. I love WordPress. For Blogging. And News Articles. Absolutely! But for managing a website...eh, not so much. Here's why... Read More

1995, a brand new Web Designer & Web Consultant sets up shop in Vancouver Washington

Vancouver Washington Clock Tower. This is a free image.
Wow, what a journey! Hi there. I'm James Barber. Hard to believe that I've been designing and building websites in Vancouver, Washington since 1995. But it's true. Lots has changed in Vancouver since then. Downtown Vancouver was very old school. Not much to see and do. Some might say that I was one of the first professional web developers in Vancouver, Washington. I am sure there were others but not many. And very few of them are still working in Vancouver today. Read More
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