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A Healthy Marriage of Form & Function

Form is what your website looks like; the layout, the style including color choices, images, animations, logos, etc. Is it pretty? Compelling? Memorable? Is it boring or complex or ugly?

Function is how your website works; this includes User Interface (UI), the User Experience (UX), the navigation, the buttons and where they are located, how they are implemented, etc. Is your site intuitive and easy-to-use? Is it fun? Complicated UI frustrates users and they are more apt to leave your site.

Both are Important

Some designers may argue that how a page looks is more important than how it works. Those designers don’t work in the industry very long. Truth is, HOW your site works is FAR more important than how it looks...not only because people will use it more and stick around longer but easy, top-down designs have better SEO. This means more visitors entering your sales funnel allowing you to sell more services, widgets and whatnots.

WOW Facter Doesn't Last Long

Web Design trends come and go and we’ve seen plenty as the technology improves. WOW factor doesn’t last long. The trend that DOES last, works today as well as it worked 20 years ago. A website with a clear message, good copy, clean and elegant design, easy-to-follow navigation and a compelling 'Call to Action' is ALWAYS successful. They always win! That's WOW factor you can bank on!

Companies That Have Used Our Web Designs Include

AGC Oregon, Portland Daily Journal of Commerce, Vancouver Business Journal, Trinity Properties Hawaii, Realty Exchangers, Pacific Lifestyle Homes, Garrette Custom Homes, OpinionTraders, Eugene Wed Connect & More.
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Complete Packages!
Starting @ $150/mo!
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