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If You're Gonna Build a ROCKET, You Better Have Plenty of FUEL

The days of throwing a bunch of words on a website and expecting instant sales are over. And though Web marketing has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, the basics of marketing a successful website have and always will remain the same.

Off-Site SEO & Marketing

Merely links to your site or prominently displaying your domain (URL). This includes blogs, news articles and reviews, social media, search engine advertising, banner advertising, link building, SEO, SEM, print advertising (magazines, newspapers, billboards, sales collateral, business cards) and other electronic advertising such as TV and radio. It’s all about how people get to your site and the popularity contest that Search Engines monitor.

On-Site SEO & Marketing

Includes your data, your content, your HTML, CSS, your layout and navigation. Search engines determine relevance for SEO based on this information. On-site also includes what a user can do once they visit your site. It includes your call to action and how you entice your users to ask questions, ask for a quote, sign up for a newsletter or make a purchase.

After-Site SEO & Marketing

What do you do with customer information after you have collected it from your site? This is where service kicks in. How long does it take your company to reply to a message? What was the message and did your company follow through? Did you provide a follow-up to your follow-up? Did you entice your user to re-visit your site with a compelling reason or offer?

Are You Lacking Off-Site, On-Site or After-Site? PPP Can Help.

Companies That Have Used PPP Web Marketing Services

Local Health Connect, Pacific Lifestyle Homes, Garrette Custom Homes, Realty Exchangers, Inc, Trinity Properties Hawaii, Portland Daily Journal of Commerce
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